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About us

Wieselmann is a be­spoke shoe­maker founded in 2014. Our work is done with high­est dili­gence and par­ticular focus on our cus­tomers. That reads: when you come to us we'll be making your pair of shoes.


We mainly produce bespoke shoes in genuine hand­work. This ensures highest quality and the ability to satisfy all indivi­dual wishes. In any case, we strive to pro­duce shoes that last decades.


Naturally, we also offer shoe supplies, repairs, and consulting.

We're honestly happy to offer infor­mation. All the same if you aren't a cus­tomer.

Das Panzer

Derby made of thick Russia leather; hand-welted, midsole stitched, outsole wood-pegged, metal tips.

Photos: Jan Schiefermair


Mme Balmoral

Balmoral boot made of fine box-calf; hand-welted, thin rubber sole, slightly beveled waist and heel.

Fotos: Helena Wimmer


Our shoes are made in genuine handwork, using traditional techniques: awl and pitched thread instead of goodyear-welting; knife, rasp and glass instead of a sanding machine. We spare no effort, our work isn't streamlined. Our diligence is apparent, beginning with the way we choose and treat materials. Old techniques, such as the pretensioning of the upper leathers, are carried out conscientiously in each pair. This way, we can guarantee that no faulty parts are used.

We hope to extend this love for quality to our customers in personal dealings - the joint development of models, the elaboration of details and personal style can be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. We are happy to render more than mere technical advice - if you so wish. We enjoy successful projects as much as anyone and will work until we reach full satisfaction. That's what we understand by craft.

So much for the summary - we look forward to a visit in the workshop for everything else!

(In due time, we'd like to present more detailed information about the craft here. At the beginning of the page from left to right: lasts, first fitting shoe, half-finished Norwegian welt, and a hand-welted pair. The blue model here is called "parisian" in Vienna, the English say Oxford. Much more to tell...)

Wiedner Hauptstraße 83
1050 Wien
+43 1 91 95 8 93
Mo-Fr: 9 am - 6 pm
Sa: 9 am - 4 pm

Belette OG
Wiedner Hauptstraße 83/3-5, 1050 Wien
UID: ATU72855038
IBAN: AT30 1420 0200 1097 6210

Coverfoto: Helena Wimmer

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